As the fiscally-responsible Treasurer for Lake County since being elected in 2014, I am working every day to help improve the lives of Lake County residents.

I am modernizing my office in order to reduce our budget and cut spending. We’ve improved technology in the office, streamlined operations to achieve efficiencies, and reduced our headcount. We pioneered an arrangement where our bank now receives and processes tax payments directly, saving taxpayers hundreds of hours of labor. In addition, we’ve increased the earnings from the county’s investments, making millions of dollars for taxpayers.

Recognizing the burden high property taxes place on our hard-working families, I am working to equip and support the public in their fight for lower property taxes. I have increased the transparency and accuracy of tax bills, so the public knows exactly where their money is being spent and can hold those units of government responsible.

Finally, my team comes into work every day searching for ways we can improve services for Lake County. We’ve made it easier to make tax payments. We’ve made our website more user-friendly. We help the public avoid state-mandated penalties and interest. And we’ve instituted a culture of customer service in the office.

It is my honor to serve Lake County. If honored to serve one final term, I renew my pledge to taxpayers that I will be efficient with their tax dollars so that Lake County remains an oasis of fiscal sanity in Illinois.

Continue to Modernize the Treasurer’s Office and Reduce Spending

Lake County, and specifically the Treasurer’s Office, has a legacy of fiscal responsibility. I am a staunch fiscal conservative who has proudly continued this legacy.

I have successfully reduced the budget and cut spending. I’ve accomplished this by improving technology in the office and streamlining operations to achieve efficiencies, offsetting many costs that continue to rise naturally, such as labor costs and equipment. In fact, I have reduced my office’s headcount from 17 to 15 employees since taking office, without negatively impacting services.


Further Increase Transparency to Help the Public Lower Their Property Taxes

Lake County’s property taxes are among the highest in the entire country. As Treasurer, I have worked to increase transparency in order to equip and support the public in their fight for lower property taxes.


Identify Additional Ways to Improve Services for Lake County Taxpayers

Every day, my team works to improve the services we provide Lake County taxpayers, even as we reduce our budget. We collect approximately $2.4 billion every year, which we then distribute to our local villages, schools, park districts, libraries, and other units of government. The state requires these payments to be made within 30 days, but we have streamlined our processes so well that those distributions are generally made within 15 days.